Industry Forum


Industry Forum

- Smart City: Innovation-driven Industry Upgrading

1st July 2014


For the detailed programme, please see the programme page here.

Environments and products are becoming increasingly automated, from factory production to gadgets such as mobile phones. Industry has a need for new ideas and solutions whereas Universities are in the business of devising such solutions. Thus, in an important respect, the forum functions as a brokerage, facilitating ‘marriages’ between ‘needs’ and ‘solutions’.

The Industry Forum is intended to provide an opportunity to get up to date with the latest developments and exchange ideas and information in a friendly, informal environment.  It does this by enabling industrialists to see the possibilities that the latest research might offer them in terms of introducing new or better products, and for academic researchers to hear about the challenges and opportunities available in working with companies. Currently, the world is experiencing a period of extreme urbanization. In the future, cities will account for nearly 90% of global population growth, 80% of wealth creation, and 60% of total energy consumption.

In China alone, 300 million rural inhabitants will move to urban areas over the next 15 years. Developing better strategies for the creation of new cities, is therefore, a global imperative. However, our need to improve our understanding of cities, arises not only from the social relevance of urban environments, but also by the availability of new strategies for city-scale interventions that are enabled by emerging technologies. Leveraging advances in data analysis, sensor technologies, and urban experiments, Smart City will provide new insights into creating a data-driven approach to urban design and planning. To build the cities that the world needs, we need a scientific understanding of cities that considers our built environments and the people who inhabit them. Our future cities will desperately need such understanding. The various achievements in creative technologies, use cases, best practice, standards will be shared in the industrial forum, to upgrade innovation driven promotion in  industries for building smart cities.

The event is organised as a set of demonstrations and presentations. Speakers should focus their presentations on technical challenges of interest to the technical audience and are expected to interact with the conference attendees to discuss Industry issues. Most commonly industrialists prefer to demonstrate and researchers prefer to present (but the aim is to provide a relatively informal setting, and roles are not fixed, so all parties being free to request demonstration, presentation slots or desks/poster points). In more detail, we will be providing exhibit space, a keynote speaker to give an overview of some of the opportunities and motivate discussion, together with making a small number of presentation slots available (with the opportunity for the presentations, or associated short papers, to appear in an online proceedings).

This Industry Forum is co-organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina Electronics Standardization InstitutionChina ComService Ltd Shanghai Company and Pudong Internet-of-Things Industry Association. It's timed to be followed by a documentary film "Singularity" and discussion with the film maker Doug Wolens about how intelligent technologies might change the world, so attendees have the opportunity of attending both events.

Admission to the industry forum sessions is via sandpits registration that is available through the SJTU registrations system. Tickets for the Industrial Forum are included in the workshop and conference packs for registered IE'14 attendees.

Join us this year for an insight into this exciting and rapidly evolving intelligent environment landscape and be part of the process of building a stronger future for your university or company. If you are interesting in providing a demonstration, presenting, or simply attending to look and listen then please contact the Industry Forum Chairs at

Imortant Dates:

  • 30th May 2014 - Deadline for presentation or demonstration proposals
  • 6th June - Feedback to applicants regarding presentation and demonstration proposals
  • 13th June - Publication of Industry Forum details