IE’14 - Programme

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IE14 High-Level Schedule


Industry Forum Programme

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Shanghai --- the Smart City, by officer from Shanghai government


The strategy of telecoms industry on Smart City,  by Prof. Haining Yan,  ComService Shanghai (


Research and Practice on e-healthcare system, by Jinjun  Lu , President,  Shanghai Ideal information Industry(Group)Co.,Ltd (


Coffee break


21st Century Robot: A Science Fiction Prototype by Brian Jepson, Intel via SKYPE


Application of Fiber Optic Sensor Network in Smart Environment, by Dr. Feng Xie, Shanghai Zhangjiang Internet-of-Things Industry Alliance.


Application of IOT in Agricultural Ecosystem, by Dr. Junming He, President, Wuxi  Kaiyi  Internet of Things  Technology Co., Ltd.  (




Intelligent Environment, Context Awareness and Smart City, by Dr. Tao Yu, CTO, Shanghai Yibang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (


Information Fusion in Intelligent Environments, by Xiqing Shi, Vice President, Shanghai TongTech Software Technology Co., Ltd.  (


Standardization Work on Smart Cities, by Yuan Yuan, China Electronics Standardization Institute. (


Coffee break


Documentary film "Singularity" and discussion with the film maker Doug Wolens

Conference Programme

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2nd July 11am - 1pm (4)- Session Chair: Liping Shen, Rm: 308

Session 1A: Education Forum 1

2nd July 11am - 1pm (4)- Session Chair: Juan Carlos Augusto, Rm:309

Session 1B: Smart  City

2nd July 11am - 1pm (4) - Session Chair: Simon Egerton, Rm: 315

Session 1C: Internet of Things

OPENING TALK - Minjuan Wang & Jiang Zhibin

(66-F)Efficient Post-processing Signal Detecting for Distributed Environment Monitoring in Smart Grid

by Yujie Liang, Rendong Ying, Peilin Liu

(127_F) Design of a hybrid router for bridging heterogeneous embedded IP networks in ambient intelligence applications

by Sam A. Catapang, Kevin I-Kai Wang, Zoran Salcic, Zachary J. M. Roberts

(55-F) Mobile Learning Design: the LTCS Model

by Minjuan Wang, Jun Xiao, Yong Chen, Wang Min

(84-F) OntoPolis: A semantic participatory platform for performance assessment and augmentation of urban environments

by Achilleas Psyllidis, Nimish Biloria

(85-F) D&S Barcode: A dynamic and sensitive barcode for intelligent environment monitoring

by Zhigang Li,Weiwei Chen

(60-F) An Experimental Study of Instructor Immediacy and Cognitive Learning in an Online Classroom

by Lorah W. Bodie, Marcie Bober-Michel

(90-F) Evaluation Model and Indicator System of Informationization Applications and Services in Smart Cities

by Yuan Yuan, Tangli Liu

(151-SC) Application of ISFET Microsensors with Mobile Network to Build IoT for Water Environment Monitoring

by Feifei Cao, Feng Jiang, Ziqinq Liu, Bang Chen, Zhu Yang

(70-SC) Elementary School Students' Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use with an eBooks Learning System in China

by Haijiao Shen, Liming Luo, Zhong Sun, JianchuanMeng

(83-F) Biosensing in the Kampung

by Marc Böhlen, Ilya Maharika, Ziyan Yin, Luqman Hakim (v)

(161-SC) Recyclable, eco-Friendly, on-Demand Bin  (ReDBin)

by Jeannette Chin, Vic Callaghan



2nd July 2-4 pm (4)-  Session Chair: Lorah Bodie, Rm: 308 , Rm: 308

Session 2A: Education Forum 2

2nd July 2-4 pm (4) -Session Chair: Faiyaz Doctor, Rm: 309

Session 2B: AmI-1

2nd July 2-4 pm (4) - Session Chair: Michael Gardner, Rm: 315

Session 2C:  Interdisciplinary

(77-F) Connecting Communities of Learners across Continents: The ShanghAI Lectures

by Fabio Bonsignorio, Nathan Labhart, Christopher Lueg, Rolf Pfeifer (s)

(81-SC) User-Centric Software Development Process

by Juan Carlos Augusto

(140-F) UBA: Ubiquitous Box Architecture

by Soe Lin Myat, Bimlesh Wadhwa

(160-SC) Using Science-fiction Prototyping as a Means to  Learning of STEM Topics and Foreign Languages

by Shumei Zhang, Victor Callaghan

(94-F) EvA - A Self Adaptable Event-based Recognition Framework for Three-Dimensional Activity Zones

by Jochen Frey, Christian Neurohr, JochenBritz, Boris Brandherm

HouseCare - an intelligent nursing system for the elderly based on the their demand

by Yaoxun Hu, Jun Zhang (Invited talk)

(142-SC) A Multimodal Learning System for Handwriting Movements by RaffaelloBrondi, Massimo Satler, Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Paolo Tripicchio

(95-F) SiAM-dp: A Platform for the Model-Based Development of Context-Aware Multimodal Dialogue Applications

by Robert Neßelrath, Michael Feld

(98-SC) Intention Awareness - A vision declaration and illustrating scenarios

by Tiina Kymäläinen, Johan Plomp, Päivi Heikkilä, Heikki Ailisto

(75-SC) HyperMirror System Based Collaborative Language Learning  Between Foreign Language Learners and Native Speakers

by Zhi Sun, Zhe Li, Spence Zaorski, Taiichiro Okubayashi, Takanori Maesako, Hai Zhang

(101-F) Adapting user interfaces based on user preferences and habits

by Asier Aztiria, Eduardo Castillejo, Aitor Almeida, Diego Lopez de Ipiña

(93-F) IRAR: Smart Intention Recognition and Action Recommendation for Cyber-Physical Industry Environments

by Jens Haupert, Simon Bergweiler, Peter Poller, Christian Hauck


3rd July 11am - 1pm (4)- Session Chair: Di Wu

Session 3A: Education Forum 3

3rd July 11am - 1pm (4)- Session Chair: Shumei Zhang, Rm: 309

Session 3B: Algorithms, Processes & Theory

3rd July 11am - 1pm (4) - Session Chair: Kevin I-Kai Wang, Rm: 315

Session 3C: Context Awareness

Creating a Fluid Learning Environment using iPads

by Berling Fang (Invited Education Forum talk)

(82-F) Requirements Engineering for Intelligent Environments

by Carl Evans, Lindsey Brodie, Juan Carlos Augusto

(69-F) Building your own infrastructure based 802.11 fingerprinting service

by Andrés Sánchez, Francisco Campuzano, Alberto García-Sola, Juan A. Botía

(71-F) The Research on the Use Efficiency of Educational Resource Center with the Ecological System Structure

by Jun Xiao, Xiaoxiao Zhu, Bingqian Jiang

(109-SC) Making the Best Use of Fifty (or more) Shades of Gray: Intelligent Contrast Optimisation for Image Segmentation in False-Colour Video

by Spyridon BAKAS, Gordon HUNTER, Bastien LABBE

(76-F) Where are my colleagues and why? Tracking multiple persons in indoor environments.

by Frank Krüger, Martin Kasparick, Thomas Mundt, Thomas Kirste

(72-F) Integrating a Social Network Group with a 3D Collaborative Learning Environment

by Shaya Pourmirza, Michael Gardner, Vic Callaghan

(133-SC) A Comparison of Classifiers for Intelligent Machine Usage Prediction by Chiming Chang, Paul-Armand Verhaegen, Joost R. Duflou

(79-F) Temporal Reasoning for Intuitive Specification of Context-Awareness

by Unai Alegre Ibarra, Juan Carlos Augusto, Asier Aztiria Goenaga

(92-F) Smart Classroom: From Conceptualization to Construction

by Shuqiang Song, Xiaoliu Zhong, Haixia Li, Jing Du, Fenghua Nie

(112-SC) Towards the Minimization of Cyclic Instability Using Embedded Algorithms

by Jose Antonio Pacheco Salinas, Victor Manuel Zamudio Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel Casillas Araiza, María del Rosario Baltazar Flores, Carlos Lino Ramírez,  Victor Callaghan, Faiyaz Doctor

(91-F) SAMURAI: A Streaming Multi-tenant Context-Management Architecture for Intelligent and Scalable Internet of Things Applications

by Davy Preuveneers, Yolande Berbers



3rd July 2-4 pm (4) - Session Chair: Minjuan Wang - Rm: 308

Session 4A: Education Forum 4

3rd July 2-4 pm (4)- Session Chair Francisco Campuzano, Rm: 309

Session 4B: Man, Machines and Mobility

3rd July 2-4 pm (4) - Session Chair  Victor Zamudio, Rm: 315

Session 4C: Smart Homes

(153-SC) Research on Constructing the Standard Architecture of Educational Cloud Computing

by Di Wu, Xian Peng

(110-F) Introduction of the Flying Robots into the Human Environment: An Adaptive Square-Root Unscented Kalman Filter for a Fault Tolerant State Estimation in a Quadrotor

by JaroslawGoslinski, WojciechGiernacki, Stanislaw Gardecki

(61-F) ACEMIND: The smart integrated home network

by Bouchet, javaudin, Kortebi, El Adbellaouy, Brzozowski, Katsianis, Mayer, Guan, Lebouc, Fontaine, Cochet, Jaffre, Mengi, Celeda, Gundogdu Aytekin, Kurt

POSTERS (Education Forum) - Session Chair : Minjuan Wang

  • (51-P) The Application of Camtasia Studio in the Development of English Online Courseware by Zigang Ge

(143-SC) Home based mobile solution for video ambulatory EEG monitoring

by Shaji Chacko, Paul McCullagh

(97-F) Bridging the Gap between Smart Home and Agents

by Jochen Britz, Jochen Frey, Jan Alexandersson

  • (122-SP) Examining Learning Research Studios at San Diego State University by James P. Frazee, Katie Dunigan Hughes, Rebecca V. Frazee

(119-F) Towards MMO Intelligent Environments

by Marc Davies, Vic Callaghan, DaniyalAlghazzawi

(104-F) Detecting Household Activity Patterns from Smart Meter data

By Jing Liao, Lina Stankovic, Vladimir Stankovic

  • (134-sp) An intelligent platform for the multimedia instruction environment based on i-control, i-management and i-view by Xiaoliu Zhong, Haixia Li, Shuqiang Song, Junhua Xu, Jing Du

(68-F) Nature-Inspired Interference Management in Smart Peer Groups

by Felix Maximilian Roth, Christian Krupitzer, Sebastian VanSyckel, Christian Becker

(73-F) The Automated Interplay of Multimodal Fission and Fusion in Adaptive HCI

by Frank Honold, Felix Schüssel, Michael Weber



4th July 11am-1pm (4)- Session Chair Tongzhen  Zhang, Rm: 308

Session 5A: Education Forum 5

4th July 11am-1pm (4) - Session Chair:Tiina Kymäläinen, Rm: 309

Session 5B:  Virtual & Mixed Reality

4th July 11am-1pm (4) - Session Chair  Wolfgang Minker, Rm: 315

Session 5C: AmI-2

(131-F) Enhancing User Experience in Mobile Learning by Affective Interaction

by Liping Shen, Bowen Xie, Ruimin Shen

(117-F) Using mixed-reality to develop smart environments

by Anasol Peña-Ríos , Vic Callaghan,  Michael Gardner, Mohammed J. Alhaddad

(107-F) Recognizing Subtle User Activities and Person Identity with Cheap Resistive Pressure Sensing Carpet

by Jingyuan Cheng, Mathias Sundholm, Bo Zhou, Matthias Kreil, Paul Lukowicz

(114-F) Smart Learning for the Next Generation Education Environment

byJason Ng, Dymitr Ruta, Ahmad Al-Rubaie, Di Wang, Leigh Powell, Benjamin Hirsch, Liu Ming, Cen Ling, Ahmed Al-Dhanhani

(132-F) Head behavior detection method based on optical flow theory

by Hui Shao, Qijie Zhao,DaweiTu

(136-SC) Defining Tasks and Actions Complexity-levels via Their Deliberation Intensity Measures in the Layered Adjustable Autonomy Model

by Salama A. Mostafa, Saraswathy Shamini Gunasekaran, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Azhana Ahmad, Muthukkaruppan Annamalai, Aida Mustapha

(123-F) A Review on Personalization and Agents Technology in Mobile Learning

by Alla Edein Moustafa Qoussini, Yusmadi Yah Bt Jusoh

(159-SC) An Object-Oriented Pedagogical Model for Mixed Reality Teaching and Learning

by Malek Alrashidi, Vic Callaghan, Michael Gardner

(154-F) An Efficient Feature Selection Method for Activity Classificatio

by Shumei Zhang, Paul McCullagh,Vic Callaghan


(116-F) Human Robot Interaction and Control: Translating Diagrams into an Intuitive Augmented Reality Approach

by Eranda Lakshantha, Simon Egerton

(156-SC) IntelliChair: An Approach for Activity Detection and Prediction via Posture Analysis

by Teng Fu, Allan MacLeod



Doctoral Colloquium Session (Micro-Papers). Session organised by Gordon Hunter, Rm: 309


(145-Doc) Creative autotegulation: towards an interactive urban landscape by Gaetano De Francesco, Rosetta Angelini

(144-Doc) Probabilistic Explanation Dialog Augmentation by Florian Nothdurft, Felix Richter, Wolfgang Minker



Poster Session (non-Education Forum), Rm: 608

Session Organiser: Davy Preuveneers

Demos, Rm: 608

Session Organiser: Gang Chen

Video Sessions, Rm: 608

Session Organiser: Gang Chen

(78-SP) Reflections on Ambient Intelligence Systems Handling of User Preferences and Needs by Juan Carlos Augusto

(96-SD) Simple Rule Editor for the Internet of Things by Timo Tuomisto, Tiina Kymäläinen, Johan Plomp, Anu Haapasalo, Kati Hakala

(158-SV) Companion-Technology: Towards User- and Situation-Adaptive Functionality of Technical Systems by Frank Honold, Pascal Bercher, Felix Richter, Florian Nothdurft, Thomas Geier, Roland Barth, Thilo Hörnle, Felix Schüssel, Stephan Reuter, Matthias Rau, Gregor Bertrand, Bastian Seegebarth, Peter Kurzok, Bernd Schattenberg, Wolfgang Minker, Michael Weber, Susanne Biundo

(146-SP) An Wearable ECG Analysis System with Novel Interactive Method by Bowen Xie, Liping Shen

(137-SD) Augmented Brain Computer Interaction based on Fog Computing and Linked Data by John K. Zao, Tchin-TzeGan, Chun-Kai You, Sergio José Rodríguez Méndez, Cheng-En Chung, Yu-Te Wang, Tim Mullen, Tzyy-Ping Jung

(138-SV) An Adaptive Ambient Intelligent Platform for Recommending Recipes using Computing With Words by Aysenur Bilgin, Hani Hagras, Shreyas Upasane, Areej Malibari, Mohammed J. Alhaddad, Daniyal Alghazzawi

(102-SP) Application of Verbal Intelligence in Dialog Systems for Multimodal Interaction by Florian Nothdurft, Frank Honold, KseniyaZablotskaya, Amr Diab, Wolfgang Minker


(152-SV) Interactions within Distributed Mixed Reality Collaborative Environments by Anasol Peña-Ríos , Vic Callaghan,  Michael Gardner, Mohammed J. Alhaddad

(157-SP) Metalogue: a multiperspective multimodal dialogue system with metacognitive abilities for highly adaptive and flexible dialogue management by Jan Alexandersson, Maria Aretoulaki, Nick Campbell, Michael Gardner, Andrey Girenko, Dietrich Klakow, Dimitris Koryzis, Volha Petukhova, Marcus Specht, Dimitris Spiliotopoulos,  Alexander Stricker, Niels Taatgen



(56-F) Enhancing Learning Transfer: A Case Study of a Learning Simulation Game-Farmtasia by Yuxia Zhou, Minjuan Wang, Yong Chen (a)